From Now On, Theft is Canceled! Datadot Marking

by Zachary

There are many anti-theft systems. It would seem that it is already impossible to come up with something new here. But the Australian company DataDotDNA came up with it. Microscopic labels with a code can be applied to any part of the car. The technology of their application is shown in detail in our photographs. There are 7000 microdots in one package, each package has its own code. The kit includes a can of glue, with which the marking is applied to the car parts. After drying, the composition becomes transparent, and it is possible to determine the places where it is applied only in the light of an ultraviolet lamp.


Each package of DataDotDNA discs contains a marking code and a password, with which you can go to the website and register a marked car in a pan-European database. The site has access to the police of all countries. Armed with an ultraviolet lamp and a magnifying glass with a hundredfold magnification, the policeman can easily establish who actually owns the stolen car.

Naturally, the main task of marking is to protect the car from theft. In Australia, where the system has been known for a long time, it copes with this task quite successfully. To find and remove all the microdots with the code from the parts, the attackers will need a lot of time and painstaking work. It is necessary to take into account the fact that one package is enough to mark up to fifty parts (smaller packages are produced for motorcycles). This means that there is almost no point in dismantling a stolen car for spare parts. Stickers stating that the machine is protected by the DataDotDNA system are almost impossible to remove. Therefore, when you glue them on the glass and on the body, try to do it carefully. In our test center in Vairano, we have marked two vehicles in this way, which are undergoing long-term endurance tests of 100,000 km. If everything is done according to the instructions, no difficulties arise.

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