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How To Get Your Car Ready For Shipping

by Zachary

Every rational person seeks the services of car shipping companies when he needs to relocate his car to a different place. In fact, car lovers are very possessive about their four wheelers and cannot endure to see any damage done to it. So, they are often apprehensive when it comes to handing over the car to an auto transporter for delivery. However, one must say that a reputed shipping company takes every care to safeguard your asset. But having said that, you too need to make some arrangements before the shipping process begins. Here are some tips:

  • Prior to handing over your car, it is advisable that you clean it thoroughly and minute it carefully for any pre-existing damage. It is better to do the self-inspection under very bright lights so that no existing scratch or dent may escape your eyes.
  • Take snapshots of the car from various angles. These will come in handy as supportive evidence if any dispute occurs in the future with the transporter regarding the damage.
  • Next thing you need to do is to take out all personal items from the car. Emptying the car would not only reduce the car’s weight (and thereby your total cost) but also ensure the safety from theft (Note: Your car may be insured but not the items inside it). Moreover, these things may move around the car and hit the windscreen and glasses during the process of loading, unloading and transport.
  • Also, remove all loose parts or inform about the same to your transporter so that due care can be taken. Remove extra tools and add-ons and deactivate the car’s alarm.
  • Lastly, try to make the fuel tanker as empty as possible to lighten the vehicle’s weight.

By keeping the above points in view, your car will be safely transported to your desired place. Even if car isn’t the only thing you need to move or ship and you live in UAE, you can definitely find some professional movers in Dubai to help you with your moving adventures.

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