Nissan Leaf – Electric Car

by Zachary

2021 Nissan Leaf is a new model of the most popular Nissan electric car. It is a leaf-shaped hatchback that was launched in 2010 and sold in Japan and United States since then. Later its sales spread to various European countries and Canada.
”LEAF” stands for Leading Environmentally Friendly Affordable Family Car. This vehicle doesn’t produce any pollution and has minimum petrol dependence, during its [production it received number of green car of the year and other similar awards.

2021 Nissan Leaf Styling

This model’s design comes as a very polarizing among online review community. Some of the reviewers like its overly futuristic design, while others hate it and call it ugly. Mission of Nissan designers when it comes to this model was to make ”iconic, but not weird” electric car. Some will say they went to far, and made exactly what they tried to avoid. One of the most ground breaking things that we can see on this model is its steep hood that goes all the way to the bumper with no grille in the front. This comes together with huge swept back headlights and a big Nissan logo almost in the middle of the hood. Other than that, this model doesn’t look much different from other electric hatchback

Interior of Nissan Leaf is also controversial since it comes somewhere in between regular economic car interior design and some radical futuristic solutions. Its dashboard comes with big screen that presents energy usage, navigation, driving range etc. First row comes with a lot of leg and head room, while the second row is little bit problematic with leg room, so taller passengers may need to hold their knees in air while driving. Car also comes with a lot of cargo space, much more than we can see in other electric hatchbacks. One of the nice features that comes with this model are the heated seats and steering wheel that come in both front and back row, which is not really usual for this kind of cars. Nissan designers figured out that it is easier for them to heat up the seats than the entire cabin, so this is actually a way to save energy.

Under the Hood

This model offers nice and quiet rides, but as with all the electric cars it doesn’t come with too much power and acceleration. It comes with 80 kilowatt electric motor that’s powering front wheels and that takes its power from 24 kilowatt-hour battery. This engine can deliver 107 horsepower, which is not bad, especially when you add 187 pound feet of torque. EPA estimates for this model are its best feature, and they go around 85 miles in combined conditions, although when driving on battery only, car heats up easily, and can’t give its best performance.

2021 Nissan Leaf Price Details

Like any other electric car 2021 Nissan Leaf is more expensive than regular hatchbacks. Its base version could be bought for $31670 which is its MSRP. There are another 3 trim levels that increase the price and offer some more premium features and options.

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