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Perks of Renting a Car

by Zachary

Given the economic challenges of today, many people are looking for ways to save money, others simply do not own a vehicle, and others wish to maintain the top value of their vehicles. The perks and advantages of renting a car today are so tremendous that millions of people are choosing to become a one-car household or a car-free household. The benefits of renting a car will save you money, make your life easier, and inject a bit of excitement into your life.

Pick Up and Drop Off

People who have traditionally not used car rental services in the past are often unfamiliar with the policies and services of car rental companies. Several years ago, as part of a customer service initiative, a few elite rental companies began a pick up and drop off service. For no extra charge, they would pick you up from your home or place of employment and drop you off once you returned. This service is even more popular today and it is typically only applicable during hours of operations; however, most people pick up and drop cars off during hours of operations.

Since the implementation of this ground-breaking program, most car companies have adapted a similar service. Not all car companies offer this service for free. You should be certain to ask in advance as to whether or not they charge a fee. You will no longer have to find a ride, leave work early to drive your car home, or take a cab or public transportation.

Traveling Long Distances

The reasons for renting a car to travel long distances could be many. If you own an older vehicle or a vehicle with poor gas mileage, it may save you thousands of dollars a year to rent a vehicle rather than to drive your current vehicle long distances. Not everyone is able to afford an economically-friendly upgrade. As an ideal solution, rent a car. You can find rentals as cheap as $15 per day. You will also increase the life-span and value of your vehicle. If you have to drive hundreds of miles each way, renting a car will save a tremendous amount of wear and tear on your vehicle. As a result, your vehicle will require less maintenance in every way from not having to buy new tires regularly to requiring fewer oil changes and repairs.

Regardless of how long you intend to keep your current vehicle, the value will be greater if it is in pristine condition with fewer miles and last years longer by only driving short distances. You might also consider leasing a car from a car rental company to use as a commuter car if your commute is extensive. Even if you are not looking to save money, perhaps you want a more spacious vehicle to travel long distances with the family or friends. Car rental companies also rent SUVs and minivans with any amenity you can imagine.

Additional Perks

As car rental companies continue to gain in popularity the number of services provided by car rental companies continues to expand, as well. Car companies are providing their most advanced models to rental companies as a way to promote their new cars. You will have access to hybrids, electric cars, and the most gas-efficient cars on the market. You can essentially test drive the vehicle for a day or two to truly learn about the benefits of such vehicles.

Many companies have installed self-service check-in kiosks for people to save on time. They often offer child seats, GPS navigation systems, and many more amenities. Also, do not forget to become a member to qualify for even greater savings through membership programs, as well as on one-way rentals. You can even rent a car to impress a date or surprise your loved one for a weekend of fun.

Saving money, increasing the life-span of your vehicle, and the pick up and drop off services are only a few of the benefits of renting a car. In addition to all of the perks listed, each time you rent a car it is as if you are driving a brand new car for the first time making it a truly enjoyable experience.

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